Hey all,

I'm happy to announce the 1.1 release of Wikibase DataModel. This release only contains new features:

* The `Property` constructor now accepts an optional `StatementList` parameter
* Added `Property::getStatements` and `Property::setStatements`
* Added `PropertyIdProvider` interface
* Added `ByPropertyIdGrouper`
* Added `BestStatementsFinder`
* Added `EntityPatcher` and `EntityPatcherStrategy`
* Added `StatementList::getAllSnaks` to use instead of `Entity::getAllSnaks`
* The `Statement` constructor now also accepts a `Claim` parameter
* Added `Statement::setClaim`
* The `Reference` constructor now accepts a `Snak` array
* Added `ReferenceList::addNewReference`

Internal changes where also made to enhance the quality, which is reflected for instance here: https://scrutinizer-ci.com/g/wmde/WikibaseDataModel/reports/

More information on Wikibase DataModel, including installation instructions and release notes, can be found at https://github.com/wmde/WikibaseDataModel


Jeroen De Dauw - http://www.bn2vs.com
Software craftsmanship advocate
Evil software architect at Wikimedia Germany