All that red makes the page look bad, and i would like to point out the abuse factor here, all those red links start edit wars,
and should be put there if any by people,

The creation of the wikidata page also creats a problem, because it does not establis a lable which should be mandatory
and in english, 
in the save proses.

and this problem * 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 2:58 AM -05:00 from Sergey Leschina <>:

I want to draw your attention to the problem from the other side. On the newly created page, which can be opened by the red link, there is no binding to the Wikidata. This means that after the creation, the page will not automatically be linked to the Wikidata. And if the project has templates that can use information from the Wikidata, they will not fully work until the page will be saved at least once and linked to an item. I already suggested to add the parameter for this:

If something like this will be implemented, then it will be possible to make a template for the red links (with Lua and TemplateStyles) that will be connected to the Wikidata. Although I agree that it is better to have a syntax that will allow to make links without such difficulties.

пн, 24 сент. 2018 г. в 20:50, Maarten Dammers <>:
Hi everyone,

According to : "Semantic
annotation is the process of attaching additional information to various
concepts (e.g. people, things, places, organizations etc) in a given
text or any other content. Unlike classic text annotations for reader's
reference, semantic annotations are used by machines to refer to."
(more at )

On Wikipedia a red link is a link to an article that hasn't been created
(yet) in that language. Often another language does have an article
about the subject or at least we have a Wikidata item about the subject.
Take for example . It has over
250 incoming links, but the person doesn't have an article in Dutch. We
have a Wikidata item with links to 7 Wikipedia's at , but no way to relate with .

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make a connection between the red link
on Wikipedia and the Wikidata item?

Let's assume we have this list somewhere. We would be able to offer all
sorts of nice features to our users like:
* Hover of the link to get a hovercard in your favorite backup language
* Generate an article placeholder for the user with basic information in
the local language
* Pre-populate the translate extension so you can translate the article
from another language
(probably plenty of other good uses)

Where to store this link? I'm not sure about that. On some Wikipedia's
people have tested with local templates around the red links. That's not
structured data, clutters up the Wikitext, it doesn't scale and the
local communities generally don't seem to like the approach. That's not
the way to go. Maybe a better option would be to create a new property
on Wikidata to store the name of the future article. Something like
Q116510: Pxxx -> (nl)"Friedrich Ris". Would be easiest because the
infrastructure is there and you can just build tools on top of it, but
I'm afraid this will cause a lot of noise on items. A couple of
suggestions wouldn't be a problem, but what is keeping people from
adding the suggestion in 100 languages? Or maybe restrict the usage that
a Wikipedia must have at least 1 (or n) incoming links before people are
allowed to add it?
We could create a new projects on the Wikimedia Cloud to store the
links, but that would be quite the extra time investment setting up

What do you think?


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