> Also, there will be lots of Query Api modules in the future

I'm not aware of this being on the roadmap. How did you figure this is the case?

> need their own Api base class.

Since the MediaWiki API has several serious design issues, we seek to only have minimal binding to it. This means that we will not have business logic in our API modules themselves, and that there will be no need for sharing code via inheritance. (Note that sharing code via inheritance as done by the MW API is one of the design issues we want to avoid.) An example of a module implemented as we want to do in the future can be seen here: https://github.com/wikimedia/mediawiki-extensions-WikibaseQuery/blob/master/src/Wikibase/Query/Api/EntitiesByPropertyValue.php

So the naming problem in question ought to not actually occur.


Jeroen De Dauw
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