Thanks Stas!

Thanks for spotting that. I didn't enable URL rewriting on my Mediawiki instance, thus the index.php is exposed.

I just manually replaced my own url with the, thus the weird combination.

One more thing - do the tools support https URLs?


On Thu., 23 Mar. 2017, 07:10 Stas Malyshev, <> wrote:

> First I used the included dumpRdf.php to create the RDF file, attached.
> Then I did the munge step. It produced the errors, attached.

Notice something weird: in your RDF, the wdata prefix is:

@prefix wdata:
<> .

Usually it is expected to be

Also, if you're running your own instance, you may want to set up a
different URL for wikidata prefix by setting conceptBaseUri (see
docs/ You may then also want to use -w option for munger
to set up correct hostname for your setup and also -DwikibaseHost when
you're running Blazegraph/updater.

Stas Malyshev

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