> I've published the steps to build and run a
> Wikibase instance in a ARM 64 bits: 

Thanks for keeping us up to date and sharing your progress so far! As you say, CI/CD is not necessary for many standalone deployments, especially if intended for personal or hobby use.

If it is taken forward by WMDE, I'd imagine server or at least VM infrastructure being used for it, but this path might be enough for developers to try.

> I'm working to add Elasticsearch, WDQS and
> QuickStatements too, I'm quite near I think.

Yeah, the real power of Wikibase comes with the more advanced querying capabilities - although I've seen people do useful things without WDQS.

I suspect you may need to tweak the memory settings to get WDQS running as well, although it depends on the capacity of your hardware - the 8GB model might fit it easier than 2GB or 4GB.

For example, current WDQS's runBlazegraph.sh specifies a 16GB heap; the updater is set to use a 3GB in its runUpdate.sh (the streaming updater is 1GB, but probably relies on many more pieces).

Of course, they may be intending to be able to load a copy of Wikidata and use it in production, which may not be what you have in mind. Swapping to SSD also isn't the end of the world.

Keep us updated! I may see about getting myself going on that free Oracle VM this wekend...
Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry