Dear Community,

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Wikibase Suite 1.38! Take a look at the Wikibase extension release notes here. 

This new release is based on Mediawiki 1.38 (legacy support version). We recommend that everyone running older versions of Wikibase Suite should update as soon as possible. Reaching release parity with Mediawiki 1.38 brings the additional benefit of Wikibase now supporting PHP 8.

Today’s release also includes an experimental version of federated properties, which is turned off by default. This version allows for using both remote and local properties at the same time. Note: This release is incompatible with earlier versions of federated properties. 

In this version, we fixed a security issue (T323592) and caught a small bug: when you try to delete an item that has an interwiki link, the client with the link isn’t notified; the data item link and the item information will remain left behind. This last bug is still open; we are currently working on resolving it. If this bug impacts you, please let us know

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new version!


Valerie, on behalf of the WMDE Suite team 

Community Communications Manager Wikibase

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