Dear all,

First, let me introduce myself, I am Pascal Lefeuvre from the french national library (BnF).
I am scrum master on a project which aims at building the new software for cataloguing documents at the BnF.
For this software, we have decided to use a private wikibase instance to store and manage the data we will produce.

We are very interested in what you have done Jesper since we will need to initialize our wikibase with more than 50 millions of items.
We have made some experiment using mediawiki/wikibase API.
        we developed a bot to call the create item API in several threads in order to speed up the process but it is not sufficient.
        we have planned to run the bot on several servers at a time to see if it goes faster.

I have some questions about what you did : are elastic search index and blazegraph automatically synchronized when you create your items directly in the database without using API or do you have to run specific scripts to synchronize everything ?

Thank you again for your experiments.


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Date :        11/06/2020 15:17
Objet :        Re: [Wikibase] propographical data and insert performance
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>> After I have cleaned up my demo code a bit I am going to share it
>> via GitHub.
> yes, please! I'm really interested in such a speedup. We need to load
> eight million of items and any speedup is appreciated :)
You can find it here:


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