Hello all,

We recently made some changes to the way the Wikidata Query Service UI (https://query.wikidata.org/) loads the example queries. This change can impact people who are maintaining these queries, as well as people running their own Wikibase instance including the Query Service.

Before the change, our approach was to get the HTML of that wiki page from Parsoid (this includes some template metadata which the normal parser output doesn’t include), and from that extract the query parameters of all {{SPARQL}} and {{SPARQL2}} transclusions.

With our improved approach, we get the HTML of that wiki page from the parser, and from that extract the contents of all syntax highlighted blocks.

The improvements resulting from this change are the following:

Configuration changes for other Wikibase instances: third-party setups may have to update their configuration (custom-config.json). In the 'examples' object, the 'endpoint' (pointing to the REST API for Parsoid) has been replaced with the 'apiPath' (the path to api.php after the 'server'; related to $wgScriptPath, but without a leading slash [should instead be at the end of the 'server'] and including the /api.php at the end).

If you encounter any issues with the examples page or while configuring your own Query Service instance, please let us know by adding a comment under this task.

Léa Lacroix
Project Manager Community Communication for Wikidata

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