HI Finn,

You need to set an equivalence mapping for $wgWBRepoSettings['formatterUrlProperty']. Login at Wikibase.cloud, Dashboard, click the cog next to your site, Features tab, Mapping Properties to Wikidata, Add New Mapping for P4 to P1630. An example of this working is English WikiFur File Name on https://furry.wikibase.cloud/wiki/Item:Q1
It may take an hour or so to take effect, although you could try adding ?action=purge to the item URL to try to refresh it.

You may also find a mapping for P218 ($wgLexemeLanguageCodePropertyId) to be useful for lexeme languages (IIRC you need some for autocomplete to function, otherwise lexeme creator may not work well); and P1921, which is  $wgWBRepoSettings['canonicalUriProperty']

The code for this is https://github.com/wbstack/mediawiki/blob/3d5fd474a1461dc3d6b4f2b8b062b11b8d06264d/dist/wbstack/src/Settings/LocalSettings.php#L597
Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry - WBUG

From: Finn ┼rup Nielsen <faan@dtu.dk>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2022 1:21:20 PM
To: wikibase-cloud@lists.wikimedia.org <wikibase-cloud@lists.wikimedia.org>
Subject: [Wikibase-cloud] Getting the formatter URL to work for external IDs in a Wikibase
In Wikidata, the formatter URL property can be set so that external ID
property values get a deep link to the external resource, see, e.g.,

I have attempted a similar pattern on a wikibase.cloud instance, see,
e.g., https://dreams.wikibase.cloud/wiki/Property:P40. However the
external ID does not get a deep link, - it is just shown as a string,
see, e.g., https://dreams.wikibase.cloud/wiki/Item:Q100

Is it possible?

I have also asked at Stackoverflow:

I now see documentation at

where $wgWBRepoSettings['formatterUrlProperty'] should be set in
LocalSettings.php. As far as I understand this configuration is not
available in wikibase.cloud instances for administrative users such as
me. Is that correct?

Finn ┼rup Nielsen
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