I know I am getting this out late. This year ACM Hypertext is having a closer look at wikis, especially things like semantic wikis and collaborative writing which I know are research interests here.


As a bonus, it will be in the UK this year, which may be more convenient for some than other wiki symposiums (Taiwan, Montreal).










ACM Hypertext 2007

Call for Participation



Hypertext and Society Programme

Eighteenth International ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia Manchester, UK 10th - 12th September 2007




ACM Hypertext 2007 consists of five autonomous programmes under a single unified conference. The Hypertext and Society programme aims to explore developments in Hypertext and innovative technologies where the defining feature is the existence of communities of users.


It is our hope that the Hypertext and Society Programme will offer a high quality venue for this exciting new area.





We seek papers that explore applications, implementations, implications and evaluation, and necessary models and standards for such systems, including:


* Mapping and Visualisation of social spaces and networks

* Blogs and alternative Blog forms (podcasting, photologs etc.)

* Collaborative working

* Wikis

* Forums

* Semantic Wikis

* Folksonomy, tagging, annotation and metadata

* Recommender systems

* Social networks and communities of practice

* Social software for learning

* Citation networks

* Virtual presence, identity and trust

* Multi-user Games


We are also seeking papers that explore the implementation and impact of such systems user communities such as:


* Governments

* Developing regions

* Virtual organisations

* E-commerce

* Education

* Health care


We understand the term hypertext in the broadest sense encompassing a wide range of multimedia applications.





Participants are invited to submit Technical Papers, Hypertexts, Poster and Demonstration papers. All submissions must be formatted using the official ACM SIG proceedings template.



Technical  (4 pages Short & 10 pages Full) Hypertexts (Zip-File / URL & 2 pages)


      - Submission:     7th May 2007 Midnight HST

      - Notification: 4th Jun 2007 Midnight HST

      - Camera Copy:    2nd Jul 2007 Midnight HST


Posters & Demos (2 pages)


      - Submission:     11th Jun 2007 Midnight HST

      - Notification:   18th Jun 2007 Midnight HST

      - Camera Copy:    2nd Jul 2007 Midnight HST


We have also included a Student Research Competition programme. The aim of this is to encourage research students to submit their work in order to obtain valuable feedback and to also become involved within the hypertext community.


Student Research Competition (2 pages)


      - Submission:     7th May 2007 Midnight HST

      - Notification:   4th Jun 2007 Midnight HST

      - Camera Copy:    2nd Jul 2007 Midnight HST


Technical papers, poster abstracts, and demonstration abstracts will appear in the official conference proceedings, published by ACM. Conference attendees will receive a copy of the proceedings. All material will be available through the ACM Digital Library.






The conference will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th September 2007, within the Manchester Museum in Manchester, UK. The museum is located within the centre of The University of Manchester campus and is within easy access of several tourist attractions and the city centre of Manchester.


Located in the North West of the UK, Manchester is easily reachable by air, rail, and car. Further information of how to get to the conference venue can be found in the travel section. Being in a central location of the country, Manchester also acts as a good base for travelling further a field around the UK, with all the major roads and railway lines passing through the City. London is only 2 hours away by train whilst Edinburgh, the Capital City of Scotland, is only 3 and a half hours away.






Hypertext and Society Autonomous Programme Committee




Hugh Davis        (University of Southampton, UK)

David Millard           (University of Southampton, UK)


Programme Committee:


Mark Bernstein          (Eastgate Systems)

Peter Brusilovsky       (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Darina Dicheva          (Winston-Salem State University, USA)

Peter Dolog             (Aalborg University, Denmark)

James Noble             (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ)

Demetrios Sampson       (University of Piraeus, Greece)

Sunir Shah        (Meatball)

Josie Taylor            (The Open University, UK)

Vincent Wade            (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)


Enquiries may be directed to Hugh Davis at