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Well, this is based on  my experience as GA author and reviewer. I have never seen an IP successfully nominate an article (I did see nominations once or twice, they failed quickly, as the articles were not up to GA level and IP never came back). And of course, I have yet to see an IP GA reviewer (that is not a troll or a useless if good faithed newbie). If you are aware of any successful GANs were the primary author was an IP, I'd like to look at them. I'd hypothesize that:

But that wasn't the point raised.  The point raised was not: can IP addresses successfully navigate Wikipedia process?  It was: can IP addresses successfully create content?  If you're focused solely on process, then yes, correct.  You will not see IP addresses engaged their because the rules generally prohibit it.

On the other hand, if the issue is can ip addresses create content, then it appears to me, yes, they can create content and do so successfully without getting their content rolled back.  They are an important group.  in the area I write in, between 10% and 35% of all edits to articles appear to be made by IP addresses.  (Most of them based on the regional interest for the topic.)  They often include information that has improved articles and can learn sourcing.  This is not always the case, but happens often enough that their editor value should be considered.
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