Thanks for this Michael,

2009/11/2 Michael Ekstrand <>
At WikiSym this year, some of us started a Zotero group for collecting
research papers about Wikipedia.  It's intended to serve a purpose
similar to that of the "Wikipedia in academic studies" page[1], but in
Zotero so that it integrates well with the research process.  Membership
is currently open to all, and anyone can add resources.

Can you give a link?

To keep it from being an unbounded collection of everything remotely
wiki-related, there are a few guidelines for what topics are within
scope of this library:

 * Wikipedia as a community and social system
 * Open collaboration using Wikipedia as a data set or considered system
 * Wiki technology focused on or studying Wikimedia projects

I'm confused about the phrasing of this last (third) point. Do you mean all research on wiki technology, or research on Wikimedia projects which is limited to their technical aspects, or..?

Hopefully this will be a useful resource to the Wikipedia research

I hope so. :-)