Thanks very much, Valentin. I am forwarding your email to Wiki-research-l.

I am interested in the topic of editor engagement in general, and I am very happy that you included work done by LauraHale, Hawkeye7 and I in your literature review. Thank you!


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Hello everyone,

last year Wikimedia Deutschland cooperated with Beuth University of Applied Science concerning diversity in Wikipedia. Now we published the key conclusions and recommendation and translate the report into English, so that you and other interested people can also take a closer look on our work concerning diversity and maybe getting input for your own work.

The English title is “Charting Diversity - Working together towards diversity in Wikipedia” and starts off with a review of the current situation in (the German) Wikipedia and then goes on to offer different concepts and possibilities how to improve diversity in Wikipedia.

You find the document on Commons via this link

Sebastian Horndasch and me, Valentin, from the education & knowledge departement of Wikimedia Deutschland will also bring paper copies to the Wikimania in London and we are looking forward to answer your questions and discuss your comments with you. Check our Wikimania user sides for our Wikimania timetables or write us an email, if you wanna get in touch with us:



All the best,
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