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See Q5a and Q5b on page 53 in particular.





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Hi all,

Has there been research done on what "sells" people into getting started on Wikipedia in the first place, particularly for editors who to on to make >5 edits?

For example:

1. It's fun

2. I'm part of a class that has Wikipedia editing as an option or requirement

3. I edit to fulfill required community service hours

4. I'm an advocate for a cause

5. I'm a member of <culture/language/religion/geography> and I want to share it with the world

6. I'm interested in subject <x> and I like to publish information about it.

6. I want to talk with other people who are interested in <x>

7. I want to be part of a social network

8. I'm paid to edit on behalf of an individual or organization

9. I want to expose misconduct

10. I want to start or edit my own biography

11. I want to start or edit the article about my own organization, product or service

12. I want to start or edit the article about a competitor's organization, product or service



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