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Thanks for the helpful replies.
It is great to hear that I can possibly get a qualtrics access. It is good to build on a product the organization has experience with. I wonder if qualtrics adheres to EU privacy laws. Ticket https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T94807 states it does not. That would be sad.

Lime survey seems to be an OK option, in particular after Frederico’s response. I fear the security problems, too, though. (On the other hand, on a quick glance https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-6900/Limesurvey.html does not look significantly worse than other products)

ODK seems to be an interesting tool, but its focus on on-site data gathering in contrast to web forms makes me wonder how I would use it for my most common use cases (at which I'm not on-site).

As a bit of an abstract remark, it is a pity that there seem to be few open source options and that it seems often to be a more viable solution to resort to a non-open service. I suppose that would be a highly interesting question to discuss with other open organizations which also seem to have the same issue (Mozilla comes to my mind, but it won't be just them).


2016-08-02 19:36 GMT+02:00 Edward Galvez <egalvez@wikimedia.org>:
A note that WMF had security issues in the past with Limesurveys. I believe these were fixed, but I'm not sure. 

We use qualtrics at the WMF for any major surveys and we do share our account with affiliates & other communities. However, we do have a limit of 2,000 per user. 

Happy to chat more about this Jan!


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