Hi everyone,

Although the item below that I'm forwarding is not directly related to wiki research, it is of general interest to researchers in a wide variety of fields, and particularly to bibliometricians, of which I know there are a lot on this list.



Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 12:56:43 -0400
From: Lee Giles <giles@ist.psu.edu>
To: AISWORLD Information Systems World Network  <aisworld@lists.aisnet.org>
Subject: [AISWorld] Acknowledgement Search Engine - AckSeer

AckSeer is a beta automatic acknowledgment indexing search engine that
explores automatic identification, entity extraction and indexing of
acknowledgements from papers. Also, acknowledged entities are
extracted within the acknowledgment passages. 

Currently, AckSeer indexes acknowledgments from more than 500,000 papers
in CiteSeerX. These acknowledgements contain more than 4 million
acknowledged entities with approximately 2 million of them unique.
Entity extraction is based on AlchemyAPI and OpenCalais. Acknowledged
entities are ranked by citation. Feedback is most welcomed.