Well, this is based on  my experience as GA author and reviewer. I have never seen an IP successfully nominate an article (I did see nominations once or twice, they failed quickly, as the articles were not up to GA level and IP never came back). And of course, I have yet to see an IP GA reviewer (that is not a troll or a useless if good faithed newbie). If you are aware of any successful GANs were the primary author was an IP, I'd like to look at them. I'd hypothesize that:
* they are a tiny percentage of the whole (if we have more than a 10 GAs written by anons in our pool of 15,000 or so, I'd be very surprised; if more than 100 I am willing to eat a hat, or more constructively, I'll write a DYK (if possible) on a subject of your choice :D);
* majority of anon-written GAs are old, have been already delisted, or would not pass a modern GA review (and if nominated for a current GA review, would fail, due to not meeting criteria and the primary author being unreachable to address the issues raised).
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On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 7:19 AM, Piotr Konieczny <piokon@post.pl> wrote:
Anonymous or low activity editors can contribute high quality content, certainly, but quantity (and by extrapolation, most quality) comes from registered ones.

(Case in point: no GA or FA can be written by an anon, or a SPE; and most of the primary contributors to those articles likely have many high quality edits to a large number of other articles).

What is this based on?  I've seen a number of articles written by IP addresses that have been GA quality articles.  Anyone can nominate a GA.  (I could have nominated them for instance.)  Rules may prohibit their nomination at FA, but rules at GA do not prohibit articles primarily written by IP addresses from being nominated.

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