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I don't seem to be able to expand those graphs to a usable size on my machine, but It would be very interesting to hear if any of the key changes to the editor interface made a difference to longevity. I'm thinking particularly the introduction of capcha on newbies adding external links, and the shift from Monobook to Vector as default skin.

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Hi All,

I been working on graphs to visualize the entire edit activity of in wiki for some time now. I'm documenting all of it at https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Editor_Behaviour_Analysis_%26_Graphs.

The graphs can be viewed at https://cosmiclattes.github.io/wikigraphs/data/wikis.html. Currently only graphs for 'en' have been put up, I'll add the graphs for the wikis soon.

  • The editors are split into groups based on the month in which they made their first edit.
  • The active edit sessions (value or percentage etc) for the groups are then plotted as stacked bars or as a matrix. I've used the canonical definition of an active edit session. The value are + or - .1% of the values on https://stats.wikimedia.org/
  • There is a selector on each graph that lets you filter the data in the graph. On moving the cursor to the left end of the selector you will get a resize cursor. The selection can then are moved or redrawn.
  • In graphs 1,2 the selector filters by percentage.
  • In graphs 3,4,5 the selector filters by the age of the cohort.
Preliminary Finding
Would you to hear what you guys think of the graphs & any ideas you would have for me.


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