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Guillermo Garrido (NLP Group, UNED, Spain) and Enrique Alfonseca Google Research Zurich, one of our partners in the RENDER project [1] extracted a data set that contains all  attribute-value pairs of info boxes out of English Wikipedia articles since 2003.
This 5.5 GB large data set, which is called Wikipedia Historical Attributes Data (WHAD), is freely available on the download page of the RENDER toolkit [2]. 

More detailed information about the data set can be found at Enrique Alfonseca's website [3].
Enrique will attend the Wikipedia Academy 2012 [4] and is going to present his work during the Paper Session III: Analyzing Wikipedia Article Data [5] on Saturday.
A short preview of this paper was published in the current Research:Newsletter [6].

Best regards from Berlin,

[1]  http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/RENDER 
[2]  http://toolserver.org/~RENDER/toolkit/downloads/ 
[3] http://alfonseca.org/eng/research/whad.html
[4] http://wikipedia-academy.de/
[5] http://wikipedia-academy.de/2012/wiki/Schedule#Paper_Session_III:_Analysing_Wikipedia_Article_Data
[6] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Newsletter/2012-06-25

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