a bunch of references off the top of my head to get you started

Getting to the source: where does Wikipedia get its information from?
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{{Citation needed}}: The dynamics of referencing in Wikipedia
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Top hosts referenced in English Wikipedia
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Top news cites referenced from wikipedia. 
F.A. Nielsen (2010)

There’s also a growing body of data on citations of scholarly references in Wikipedia

Scientific citations in Wikipedia
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Wikipedia Cite-o-Meter

Crossref’s cronograph

Scholarly article citations in Wikipedia 


On Apr 17, 2015, at 11:34 AM, Guillaume Paumier <> wrote:

Hello, fellow researchers,

I'm looking to see if any research has been done recently around external 
links in Wikipedia, and more specifically external links contained in 
references. My main goal is to identify the most cited domains, ideally with 
their count.

Labs tools or similar that could help in this regard are also welcome. I 
haven't been able to find much so far, and before I dive into the database 
myself, I'd like to check I haven't missed anything obvious :)

The context for this work is "citoid" [1], the new Zotero-based citation tool 
used by VisualEditor to automatically fetch and format references using only 
their URL. Zotero works well for many scientific journals, but is weaker with 
regard to newspapers and non-English sources.

By looking into the most used URLs/domains in citations, I'm hoping to 
identify those that are not yet properly supported by Zotero and, by 
extension, citoid. This would then help developers focus their efforts on 
adding support for URLs to the most high-value websites.

Any pointers you might have are very welcome :)



Guillaume Paumier

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