Re. the edit conflicts happening when a new user is editing: 

Can't one add some AJAX to the editor that notifies that one still has the editing window open? Maybe editors could wait to modify work in progress, if they had that indication, and if the content does not seem vandalism? 


On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 12:17 PM, James Salsman <> wrote:
Aaron, would you please post the script you used to create

I would be happy to modify it to also collect the number of extant
non-redirect articles each desirable user created.

> Aaron wrote:
> >... You'll find the hand-coded set of users here
> >
> >...
> > Categories:
> >
> >   1. Vandals - Purposefully malicious, out to cause harm
> >   2. Bad-faith - Trying to be funny, not here to help or harm
> >   3. Good-faith - Trying to be productive, but failing
> >   4. Golden - Successfully contributing productively....

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