Correct.  The Waray[1] Wikipedia has only one active editor.


[1] "Waray-Waray" is considered mildly derogatory by Waray speakers.

On May 1, 2015 1:59 AM, "Amir E. Aharoni" <> wrote:

Bot creations, not translations. Something that is better done with tools like Wikidata and Reasonator. Similar thongs were done in Swedish and in Cebuano, another regional language in the Philippines.

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Hi researchers,

I was surprised to learn that the Waray-Waray language, which has about 2.6 million native speakers and is a regional language in the Philippines, has about 1.3 million articles in its Wikipedia. Is this the result of bot translations, or is this a small language community with a very high level of Wikipedia human activity?


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