Dear All,

we have three new techreps available:
In these months, we have been busy working at WikiTrust, an open-source tool for assigning reputation to wiki authors and trust to wiki content.  We already have a batch (or "off-line") system, which can compute reputation and trust based on wiki dumps, such as the Wikipedia dumps made available by the Wikimedia Foundation.  We are developing an "on-line" system, which can assign reputation and trust in real-time, as edits are made.  One of our chief concerns in developing an on-line system was to ensure that it was robust to attack, and we believe we have made progress in this direction, as reported in the above techreps.  We are now proceeding with the implementation; my guess is that we will have a prototype in a month or so.

By the way, the "batch" part of  WikiTrust  can be easily adapted to carry out various analysis tasks.  Basically, it walks over all revisions of every page of a wiki, and it contains an efficient text analysis engine that tells you precisely how text was changed between versions. So, it is easy to use WikiTrust as a platform to write analysis algorithms for wikis: you don't have to worry about the boring tasks of reading and parsing markup language, and computing text diffs in a reasonable way; you can concentrate on the details of the specific analysis you want to do.  It is all open source, and we welcome developers or people interested in it.

All the best,

Luca (with Ian, Bo, and the other wikitrusters).