It is known that education is a great way to eradicate poverty. We know that Wikipedia brings information and is educational. When the effect of "your" 3 billion dollar brings education and effectively helps to eradicate poverty it is well worth it.

No irony intended.

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In ten years time, I predict the Foundation will raise $3 billion:

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Happy new year: http://i.imgur.com/faPsI9J.jpg

Source: http://frdata.wikimedia.org/yeardata-day-vs-ytdsum.csv

I don't mind the banners, although I am still saddened that several
hundred editor-submitted banners remain untested from six years
ago, when the observed variance in the performance of those that were
tested indicates that there are likely at least 15 which would do
better than any of those which were tested. Why the heck is the
fundraising team still ignoring all those untested submissions?

But as to the intrusiveness of the banners, I would rather have
fade-in popups with fuschia <blink><marquee> text on a epileptic
seizure-inducing background and auto-play audio than have the
fundraising director claim that donations are decreasing to help
justify "narrowing scope."

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James Salsman

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