That's a useful FAQ. May I suggest adding it as a link from the main page of your wiki?

I'd do it myself, but the explanation of the email is @ by you unless you release it, so... :)
Piotr Konieczny

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On 5/1/2012 10:58 PM, Chitu Okoli wrote:
Hi Piotr, is the project website for a comprehensive literature review of scholarly research on Wikipedia. Unlike permanent long-term sites like AcaWiki (which compiles summaries of scholarly studies of all subjects) and WikiPapers (which compiles bibliographic and other details of scholarly research on wikis), our site is a temporary project site for a literature review of a very narrow subset of studies: those that focus on Wikipedia. Our goal is to host our extracted literature review data there while we are in the final stages of the review, complete and clean it up, and then when completed, eventually export it all to long-term sites like AcaWiki and WikiPapers.

We have no intention whatsoever to provide an alternative to these sites--we truly appreciate the amazing amount of work that has gone into them and that is required to keep them going, and we have no intention to do that kind of work ourselves :-). On the contrary, once our data collection is completed and the data is cleaned, we hope to support these sites by feeding high-quality data to them. (Admitted, though, there might be license incompatibilities with AcaWiki, since our data is licensed CC-BY-SA whereas theirs is CC-BY.) At that point, our site will probably be closed for edits, and we will only point people to those other sites if they want to add anything new, and we also intend to provide exports of the dataset in various formats, for which we've already received quite a few requests.

Our project team is constantly working heavily on the site--we've made over 4,000 internal edits involving adding and cleaning up data since we first launched the site on March 1, not counting edits by external contributors--which we greatly appreciate, since people who edit their own articles are probably the most accurate! You see, this is actually an internal project site that we're exposing externally to 1) get feedback and help; and 2) share data in beta stage of development. We hope to complete the project in the next couple months.

I hope that clears up the difference. We certainly hope that the existence of our site is not distracting or discouraging anyone from contributing to WikiPapers, which we wholeheartedly support!


Luiz Augusto a écrit :
Good question.

A more detailed explanation would be welcome, but it seems that WikiLit is focused on research done exclusively at Wikipedias, and WikiPapers is focused on all wikis researchs.

Maybe a fusion on project goals and data already available in one single big project make it more interesting to contribute or even to get moved to Wikimedia Foundation servers (as part of the revamp on Proposals for new projects being drafted on the "Sisters projects committes" too on draft stage ) ...

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 12:18 PM, Piotr Konieczny <> wrote:
Can somebody tell me why we have both the and ?
Piotr Konieczny

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