Dear All,

we have just released in open-source format  the code of WikiTrust, the tool we use for the Wikipedia trust coloring.
The project homepage is , and from there, you can follow a link to a live demo.
The code itself is available from .

The code is suitable to the trust-coloring of a static dump of a wiki; the code for the coloring of edits in real-time, as they happen, is under development.

The code is extensible, and it provides a platform over which it is (relatively) easy to write wiki analysis tools... for instance, we wrote small analysis procedures that measure the inter-edit time distribution, and the amount of text contributed by authors of various reputation ranges.
As the text analysis engine and the dump traversal engines are already built, it is relatively easy to add other analysis modules.

We hope this will be of interest!
All the best,

Luca de Alfaro

(message sent on behalf also of Bo Adler and Ian Pye)