The September 2015 issue of the Wikimedia Research Newsletter is out:

In this issue:
1 “Teaching Philosophy by Designing a Wikipedia Page”
2 Wikipedia Search Isn’t Necessarily Third BESt
3 More newbies mean more conflict, but extreme tolerance can still achieve eternal peace
4 Predicting Wikimedia pageviews with 2% accuracy
5 Wiktionary special
5.1 “Online dictionaries in Web 2.0 platform – Wikiszótár and Wiktionary”
5.2 “GLAWI, a free XML-encoded Machine-Readable Dictionary built from the French Wiktionary”
5.3 “IWNLP: Inverse Wiktionary for Natural Language Processing”
5.4 “knoWitiary: A Machine Readable Incarnation of Wiktionary”
5.5 “Zmorge: A German Morphological Lexicon Extracted from Wiktionary”
5.6 “Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linked Data for 12 Language Editions with Enhanced Translation Relations”
5.7 “Observing Online Dictionary Users: Studies Using Wiktionary Log Files”
6 In brief
6.1 “Multilingual Open Relation Extraction Using Cross-lingual Projection”
*** 12 publications were covered in this issue ***
Thanks to Federico Leva, Panda10, Piotr Konieczny and Trey Jones for contributing.
Masssly, Tilman Bayer and Dario Taraborelli
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