just bumping my email from last week, since so far I did not get any answer.

Should I consider that dataset to be somehow lost ? 

I've also contacted the researchers who partially released it, but making it publicly available is tricky for them, due to its size (12 TB), which might instead be somehow in the norms of the operations taken daily by Wikipedia servers. 
Thanks again,

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 4:15 AM, Valerio Schiavoni <valerio.schiavoni@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear WikiMedia foundation,
in the context of a EU research project [1], we are interested in accessing
wikipedia access traces.
In the past, such traces were given for research purposes to other groups
Unfortunately, only a small percentage (10%) of that trace has been made
made available (10%).
We are interested in accessing the totality of that same trace (or even
better, a more recent one, but the same one will do).

If this is not the correct ML to use for such requests, could please anyone
redirect me to correct one ?

Thanks again for your attention,

Valerio Schiavoni
Post-Doc Researcher
University of Neuchatel, Switzerland

1 - http://www.leads-project.eu
2 - http://www.wikibench.eu/?page_id=60