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Enviado: mar,25 enero, 2011 22:22
Asunto: Re: [Wiki-research-l] New toolbox Wikipedia pages

Hi, Felipe,

these tools are really useful!

I like much the "Wikipedia Page History Statistics" too:

Here in Brazil I've developed (with a computer science student) a tool that extracs other interesting data from pages history, like number of protections and duration of time of each, number of revertions and editions undone, number anda percentage of editions made by administrators, bots and IP etc.

Unfortunately it works only in portuguese Wikipedia, but we are very interessed in open the code e make it better.

Nice to meet you, Carlos.

You might also like:

There are some tools producing stats for any language, including:


BTW, as it's my first mensage here, let me present myself: I'm journalist, teacher in Federal University of Viçosa and PHD student in Applied Linguistics in Minas Gerais Federal University. In summary, I'm studing the editorial process of "Biographies of living persons" in portuguese Wikipedia.


Carlos d'Andréa

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 6:30 PM, Felipe Ortega <> wrote:
Hi all.

I just discovered this, it may be potentially interesting for the Wikipedia
research community.

In short, now for any Wikipedia page, not only articles, e.g.

You can access, from the corresponding "View history" page:

* Nice stats (via soxred93 tool in Toolserver) :〈=en&wiki=wikipedia

* Ranked contributors (Daniel's tool in Toolserver):

* Revision history search (WikiBlame):

* Page view statistics:

And... incredible:

* Number of watchers (!!!) (mzmcbride tool in Toolserver):

I don't know when (exactly) these services were activated.

I've also found some (still inactive) "API" links. Anybody has any further info
about this?


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