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2006/11/30, Mathias Schindler <>:
> and that the information provided might actually be
> incorrect. Therefore I am planning to do a questionnaire on the
> "Awareness of Wikipedia's Concept" (or something like that).
> Any comments?

Sounds like a great idea and I would love to see the results. It might
be useful to see if the people answering the questionaire show any
"Awareness of the concept of an encyclopedia" at all and the reality
of traditional style encyclopedias at the market.

we included a number of these and related questions in our current (German) survey of Wikipedia readers/visitors [1, 2], although we do not ask about other encyclopedias. The survey is available here (thanks to Jakob Voss!):

I'm afraid, however, that our own resources in recruiting a representative sample of readers are somewhat limited. Any help is greatly appreciated... ;-)

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