Hello Fellow Wiki Researchers,

Ive recently posted a project proposal under the Inspire Campaign and would love feedback from this community on the research proposal, Characterization of Editors on Wikipedia:  

In order to accurately explore the main goals of the Inspire Campaign, we must be able to effectively characterize our community. Any interventions that we develop should reflect and match the needs of the target population, requiring a thorough understanding of the traits and behaviors of our community of editors. As a direct extension of the recent gender gap research on Wikipedia and to explore other potential areas of inequality, wed like to conduct another study that compares the traits of the super-editor, the active editor (moderate editing), and the inactive editor (infrequent edits).

The proposed project would use an online self-report survey that is posted on editor talk pages. The research team has experience conducting online surveys and will monitor responses on this survey to identify any potential misuse of the survey (i.e. vandalism) and/or outliers in the data. This entire project would only be implemented after an IRB approval from the lead researcher's academic institution. 

Full proposal:  https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IdeaLab/Characterization_of_Editors_on_Wikipedia

Thank you in advance for your assistance in developing this proposal!

Christina Shane-Simpson
Psychology Department
The College of Staten Island and
The Graduate Center, CUNY