Dear all,

I am starting this thread in the hope that some of the great Wiki researchers on this list could advise me on a data collection problem.

Here is the question: for a each of 120 Wikipedia admins (for whom I have the usernames and unique numeric ids), I would like to reliably count the number of times they (i) deleted a page (ii) undeleted (i.e. restored) a page (iii) protected a page (iv) blocked a user and (v) unblocked a user.
Those types of edits all correspond to a specific "action" in the Wikipedia API documentation page ( action=delete, action=undelete, action=protect, action=block and action=unblock.
I don't know, however, what would be the best strategy to go about collecting those edits. Does anyone have an idea about which data collection strategy I should adopt in this case? Is there a way to query the Wikipedia API directly, or should I look for some specific markers in the edit summaries?

I would be very grateful for any advice of feedback!
Thanks much for your attention and time. :)