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This raises a wider question: What is the comfortable way to compare the coverage of a topic in different languages?

For example, I'd love to see a report that says:

Number of articles about UNESCO cultural heritage:
English Wikipedia: 1000
French Wikipedia: 1200
Hebrew Wikipedia: 742

And also to track this over time, so if somebody would work hard on creating articles about UNESCO cultural heritage in Hebrew, I'd see a trend graph.

Of course, this can be relevant to any topic.

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2015-10-02 13:43 GMT+03:00 john cummings <>:
Hi All

This is my first time posing on this list, I'm sorry if it is perhaps a little off topic. I'm currently Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO and plan to run an online collaboration, a little bit like a short term Wikiproject with two main goals:

  • Help organise reuse of UNESCO content on Wikimedia projects (UNESCO has released content under an open license and will do more shortly).
  • Help improve content on Wikimedia of the subjects of UNESCO programmes e.g the World Heritage Sites.

I have been planning ways that I can use tools to: 

  • Organise work for contributors across all languages 
  • Provide contributors feedback on their contributions (e.g page views for all contributions combined)
  • Measure success of the project.

I've been doing this on wiki here

In short I'm finding it very hard to find the tools needed, I have found less than a third of what I think would be helpful but found others that may be tangentially useful which I've added in.

Any help would be appreciate, please feel free to comment here, on the talk page or just add tools to the fields



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