I'd be interested in reviewing this one "Centre Stage: How Social Network Position Shapes Linguistic Coordination" but I can't find it in the etherpad. Different title, maybe?

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Hi everybody,
we’re preparing for the May 2015 research newsletter and looking for contributors. Please take a look at: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WRN201505 and add your name next to any paper you are interested in covering. As usual, short notes and one-paragraph reviews are most welcome.
Highlights from this month:
  • Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia
  • Predicting elections from online information flows: towards theoretically informed models
  • Understanding Graph Structure of Wikipedia for Query Expansion
  • A New Epistemic Culture Wikipedia as an Arena for the Production of Knowledge in Late Modernity
  • The EU Public Interest Clinic and Wikimedia Present: Extending Freedom of Panorama in Europe
  • Utilizing the Wikidata System to Improve the Quality of Medical Content in Wikipedia in Diverse Languages: A Pilot Study
  • Eliciting Disease Data from Wikipedia Articles
  • Centre Stage: How Social Network Position Shapes Linguistic Coordination
  • Synthesizing knowledge from disagreement
  • Aligning Sentences from Standard Wikipedia to Simple Wikipedia
  • Debating reliable sources: writing the history of the Vietnam War on Wikipedia
  • Turning Introductory Comparative Politics and Elections Courses into Social Science Research Communities Using Wikipedia: Improving Both Teaching and Research
If you have any question about the format or process feel free to get in touch off-list.
Masssly, Tilman Bayer and Dario Taraborelli

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