For the last week or so I am getting the following error when trying to use the tool: "403: User account expired. The page you requested is hosted by the Toolserver user wiki_researcher, whose account has expired. Toolserver user accounts are automatically expired if the user is inactive for over six months. To prevent stale pages remaining accessible, we automatically block requests to expired content. If you think you are receiving this page in error, or you have a question, please contact the owner of this document: wiki_researcher [at] toolserver [dot] org. (Please do not contact Toolserver administrators about this problem, as we cannot fix it—only the Toolserver account owner may renew their account.)"

I've tried contacting the owner, and send an email to PARC (it's their project, per the logo seen at the project page ) through their web form, but so far - nothing. Can anyone help to contact them?

The tool is useful not only for research (I've used and I am sure so have others here); it is also one of the tools used by Good Article reviewers (and linked from

Why we allow toolserver tools used by the community to expire in such a confusing way is beyond me.
Piotr Konieczny, PhD