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2010/9/20 Joseph Reagle <joseph.2008@reagle.org>

Hello fellow Wikipedia researchers, my book *Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia* (2010, The MIT Press) is now available. While I have long anticipated its publication, it's hard to believe the day is finally here!

In any case, I've included a brief description below and a link to the blog announcement. There, you can leave a comment, follow the links to the book's webpage which includes the foreword, preface, introduction, notes and bibliography; I'll also link to reviews and interviews. Stay tuned to the blog for information about the upcoming book talk.


Feel free to forward this announcement and forgive me if I've sent a duplicate or sent it too far afield.


Good Faith Collaboration The Culture of Wikipedia

 Joseph Michael Reagle Jr.
 Foreword by Lawrence Lessig
 The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.

  Wikipedia's style of collaborative production has been lauded, lambasted,
  and satirized. Despite unease over its implications for the character (and
  quality) of knowledge, Wikipedia has brought us closer than ever to a
  realization of the century-old pursuit of a universal encyclopedia. Good
  Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia is a rich ethnographic
  portrayal of Wikipedia's historical roots, collaborative culture, and much
  debated legacy.

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