I did not receive any feedback from the german chapter with regards to my proposal of federation of associations. I know not really if that means no one cares, or if that means everyone agrees with the idea, or if that means you all totally disagree with the proposal, or if that means that none of you understood what I wrote at all :-)
As a reminder, I proposed that a local chapter become itself a paying member of the foundation (a sort of corporate member). I know of one set of associations which function along this idea, and that seemed pretty cool to me.
I see several benefits to this solution.
- First it will officially let us all agree to follow a common charter.
- Second, it might facilitate funds transfert, as there is a reason for it (it is a membership fee).
- Third, it may clearly identify a local wikimedia chapter from other associations which might have different goals than the general goals proposed by Wikimedia. Tomos for example, suggested that some associations might have as a goal to focus in distribution of content along a certain pov.
Naturally, I suppose we have to think of a way to have local chapter membership be represented on the board as well.
I know there is no hurry about all this, but ... it might be worth to explore paths and see what is best for all.

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