In this always-on connected world, the need to understand one another is arguably more important than ever.

Half of the internet´s content is in English, but only 20 % of the global population have any English-language skills whatsoever.
While Microsoft´s text translation technology now supports up to 70 languages and its speech translation can decipher around 40, that´s a 
mere fraction of the 7,000 languages spoken on the planet today.

Meanwhile, more than half of the 2.5 billion people on Facebook post in a language other than English.
Facebook employs artificial intelligence on the social network itself, as well as on Messenger and Instagram, resulting in more than 6 billion translations
a day.

The Google Translate app has more than 1 billion active monthly users, 95 % from outside the U.S., more than 140 billion words are translated daily.

(Quelle: USA Today, 11. Feber 2020).