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2013/9/4 Manuel Schneider <>
Gratulation an Alex,

dessen Entwurf das neue Logo von Wikivoyage geworden ist!


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Betreff: Re: [Wikivoyage-l] New logo required
Von: Tilman Bayer <>

Hi all,
most of you will already have seen the announcement of the results of
the logo contest
). The new logo can be found here:
The wikis themselves have already been updated to the
new logo. This is just a reminder that all Wikivoyage logos that are
used offwiki should be updated as well, as soon as possible. Thanks!
On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 9:04 AM, Powers <> wrote:
Per, WMF has
received a cease-and-desist from the World Trade Organization regarding the
Wikivoyage logo. WTO has generously given us until the end of July to
change the logo. Per WMF legal, we cannot use any derivative of the current
logo, and I’d add to that that we really ought to stay away from the WTO
red-green-blue. (There’s also the added bonus that WMF projects that use
the red-green-blue scheme are almost universally meta-projects, not content

Please join the discussion, as we need to move quickly on this. And start
brainstorming logo ideas!

Powers &8^]

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