Hey translators,

So to try and avoid spamming translators too much over the next couple of weeks I thought it might make sense to post batchs of translation requests here rather than sending notification after notification (I am sure your all getting sick of me) through the notification tool. This way ill use the tool to focus on the gaps that are left.

Last year we ran appeals from around 14 editors. This year we reckon we are looking to use 30-40 editor appeals over the course of the fundraiser. It's looking hopeful that our reliance on jimmy will be even lower following some break throughs this year.

The idea is that almost every week there will be a new batch of editors appeals to prepare. It would be fantastic to be able to run these appeals in as many languages as is possible. These arn't super urgent, but the more of these we can get the better:






Many Thanks


Joseph Seddon

Fundraiser Translation Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation