Stop ! I already answered about this single item in two sentences.

2015-01-16 10:43 GMT+01:00 Hong, Yena <>:

Rather than doing machine-translation, just notify the translator on-wiki to fix it. Machine translation is (most time) pita.

-Yena Hong (Revi)
-- Sent from Android --

2015. 1. 16. 오후 3:51에 "Philippe Verdy" <>님이 작성:

Oh well the 2 sentences were simple enough that I thugh it was ok by looking for terms.
Certainly there are grammatical errors. Sorry for the inconvenience. But I had to fix a modifed item.

2015-01-16 6:53 GMT+01:00 Stryn <>:
Verdy, please don't use machine translation for the Finnish translations in the future, they looks really ugly.
Many Finnish users can understand English better than machine translated Finnish ;)


2015-01-16 1:12 GMT+02:00 Philippe Verdy <>:
There's an additional item made by Guillaume for the new app for Android. No one translated it before, I fixed it to allow translating the app name itself (it was incorrectly hidden in the $link tvar).. I translated it alrady to French. But existing translations in Spanish, Finnish and Chinese need the update.

2015-01-15 22:52 GMT+01:00 Guillaume Paumier <>:

The latest tech newsletter is ready for early translation:

Direct translation link:

I see that several of you have already translated most of the newsletter even
before I sent this email. You amaze me :)

I'm planning to send the newsletter on Monday afternoon (UTC), i.e. Monday
morning PST. The existing translations will be posted on the wikis in that

There may be a few more edits by tomorrow (Friday), but the existing content
should generally remain fairly stable. I'll let you know tomorrow in any case.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. As always, I
appreciate your help and feedback.

Guillaume Paumier

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