2007/3/11, Christophe Henner <christophe.henner@gmail.com>:
To get people involved we need to provide a
place where the community can find easily the main information, here
comes the idea of a "translation wiki".

If one does want a separate "translation wiki", couldn't this be achieved by a navigation template on all translation related pages? What difference would it make to be on another wiki? Maybe Meta is scary - yes it is. I hesitate to create pages there. So maybe we need to learn to be bold, and teach others to be bold, on meta.

To get more people involved in translation, IMHO the answer is to do it on a wiki that people visit for other reasons, i.e. for instance a Wikipedia. When translating these pages with (for me) very difficult American business terms and titles, I need to ask people who knows about such things about terminology. Since I translate to Swedish, I find them on the biggest Swedish-language project, Swedish Wikipedia. If the translation takes place on Meta, then they will probably answer my question on my svwiki talk page. Since we moved the translations to Swedish Wikipedia, however, these are more likely to insert their terminology direct in the translation. Having the translation page on the "home wiki" means one notices when new translations have been started on the usual watchlist, etc.