Hi all.

TL;DR: Please help update and complete the localization of the Echo extension in your language(s). :-)
Note that almost all of these messages have had parameter changes (either renumbered or meanings changed) for a few reasons.


Brief details:
Many of the notification messages are being updated or replaced at the moment. This is part of the work that will make the existing notifications clearer and more useful, by providing a more standard layout, including a clear primary link, with extra links below. It will also reduce the number of messages to be translated overall, by using the same messages in the panel, the special page, and emails.[1] It is also in preparation for cross-wiki notifications.[2]

Many of these changes will be deployed in the second week of January, a few are already live, and a few will come in future weeks. I will bump this thread, if there is another large batch.

Much thanks, for all that you do.
I hope you are having a great end of year, and I look forward to working with you some more in 2016. Happy translating!

Quiddity / Nick Wilson


Finally, Technical details, for those who are interested.

The major changes are:
* New Notification messages will no longer contain multiple links in the main text.
Clicking the notification itself will go somewhere ("primary link"; already the case for most notifications) and some notifications will have a set of links at the bottom ("secondary links"; a few already have one). Any links that were previously in the notification text will be moved to a secondary link, if they weren't already redundant with the primary link.

* Localization gender support has been added to many messages.
All the new notification messages take parameters for the agent (the user that caused the notification) as $1 and $2, with $1 being the formatted user name and $2 being the user name for {{GENDER:}} purposes. (Technical footnote: this is done so that if the user name is oversighted, we can set $1 to <span class="make-this-gray-and-struck-out">(user hidden)</span> or similar.)

Additionally, mention-related messages now take a parameter for the gender of the recipient (the user viewing the notification); with this, these messages can now be gendered correctly in e.g. French ("Nick vous a remerciƩ pour X" for male viewers and "Nick vous a remerciƩe pour X" for female viewers). We did already provide the gender of the agent (the user causing the notification), which was sufficient for some other languages (e.g. Hebrew). (phab:T119321)

* [1] We will significantly reduce the number of messages, by not using different messages for each of the notification panel (aka. "flyout"/"popup"), the notification page (Special:Notifications), and emails. The panel and the special page have already been converted, emails have not yet been. Once this conversion is done, all three will use the same messages. This will reduce inconsistencies between these three channels, and reduce the maintenance burden on translators. Some redundant messages have already been removed, some are unused but have not yet been removed, and some are still used by the email formatter for now.

[2] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T114350

Nick Wilson (Quiddity)
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