Yes it took me about 30 minutes, but this is still a lot for something we need to do every weekend and most of this time is spent in fixing the formats (notably in links). This time could be divided by two, and it should be simpler to review the translations, by more volunteers, and (more importantly) in more languages. Most contributors, when thy comm on the week end will just spend not more than a couple of hours, and asking them to spend 30 minutes every week is still a lot.
As these notifications as meant to be short, very synthetic, in order to be delivered more largely for awareness (even if all the inner details are not translated, many people just wen to be advised, or being linked to a source of this information within larger support discussions), the time to complete these translations should be minimized as most as possible (we have lots of other things to do, including in other Wikimedia projects, or related projects, where most tech ambassadors also have work to do and need time to do it).

2013/6/16 Niklas Laxström <>
On 16 June 2013 11:31, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
> To help accelerate translations, it would be desirable to have a few fore
> templates for items that are present repeatedly every week (or most of
> them), in order to reduce the number of items to reduce or facilitate the
> edition.

I disagree. I took a shot translating the tech news this week. I did
that in 30 minutes at 2 AM.
For most of the unchanging parts I just had to click twice to use
existing translation
from translation memory.

I find your proposal a lot of work for little gain over using
translation memory.


Niklas Laxström