Hi, I am forwarding this email to others who may be interested. It would be nice if interpretation could be available in many languages. Thank you for your initiative.


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From: Фархад Фаткуллин / Farkhad Fatkullin <frhd@yandex.com>
Date: 7/15/18 2:51 AM (GMT-08:00)
To: Wikimedia Mailing List <wikimedia-l@lists.wikimedia.org>
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Interpreting Wikimedia broadcasts

Greetings from Russia!

This is to let you know that beginning with this Wikimania broadcasts
we'll try to volunteer-interpret all Wikimedia live events (or recordings thereof) into Russian. 

Last night we tested with a smartphone & tablet using Wikimedia Research Showcase - July 2018 as a source & it seems to be working well enough. We observed 5-7 sec. delay, speaker speed above 120 words per minute & audio quality affecting my delivery results, but that's quite bearable for the economy class ticket. As a qualified conference interpreter with some experience of helping international groups over the web, I can pull this through in my free time.

The idea came about seeing the leaked version of the video-address by our middle-aged & older Wikimedians from Wikipedias in the languages of Russia community recorded for Wikimania-2018 participants (I understand total collection is on the way to Cape Town with Oleg Abarnikov of Wikimedia Russia from Moscow). It seemed to hint our elders from among participants of our 33 Active Wikipedias & other projects https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Languages_of_Russia_Community_User_Group/Dashboard/ru
would actually also like to be exposed to whatever the English-speaking youngsters are learning via YouTube broadcasts. These local & Russian bilinguals are core contributors into local language Wikis, so respecting the request of our language guardians seemed important.


Farkhad Fatkullin - Фархад Фаткуллин http://sikzn.ru/ Тел.+79274158066 / skype:frhdkazan / Wikipedia:frhdkazan

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