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Hi Sherry,

Le 21/03/2019 à 00:16, Whatamidoing (WMF)/Sherry Snyder a écrit :
> And, finally, we haven't heard from many translators in this
> consultation!  Translators' needs are unique and important.  My own
> teammates would say that the key to the whole movement, and I can't
> disagree with them.  :-D

I think the latter phrase is incomplete. Do you mean that ‘translators
are the key to the whole movement’? (I think that Wikimedia could
actually live without us but then it would clearly lack something to
achieve its mission. Anyway, among all the Wikimedia volunteer
contributors, there are obviously people willing to translate.)

Without you, volunteer translators, we can't involve an many people as we can now. So yes, you're key people. So we really need your opinion about talk pages and communication tools. For instance, what would you imagine to involve more people?

> So please also click that link and tell the
> talk-page consultation team:  What do YOU need to be able to communicate
> on the wikis?

My needs are actually basic and I’m satisfied by the current system.
Thanks anyway for asking.

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