I didn't understand what your statement has to do with translation or the tech news issue itself but if saying about these news it seems to be good choice for me. Metawiki is common place for global.js and global.css of many global users. As well as e.g. global settings for some tools. Not saying about the fact that it's steward's nest with all actions and request pages that some of that :)  Commons' community is global in some way but not in the same way as is needed imho. Also if consider not Meta then why actually commons? Scripts and styles are more sort of content expected on mww than on commons, imho. What do you mean about linking? Are there many wikis without a ling to Meta-wiki? All somewhat experienced local wikimedians know that Meta's central coordination place, imho. --Base

22.08.2014 18:29, Philippe Verdy написав(ла):
I think that the choice of Meta-Wiki for fosting cross-wiki personal CSS and javascript is not a good choice. All wikis are already linked to Commons that scales far better for all users, rather than Meta-Wiki which is still small and not made for hosting these personal contents for millions users

In addition there are far lot more admns and people helping on Commons than on Meta-Wiki, and there are also some good translations in this multilingual site.

(but maybe developers think that the exploding growth of Commons causes some long term risks for users as Commons has now difficulties to find backuping mirrors due to its volume)

Now we can expect many more users visiting Meta-Wiki and helping to develop its content (notably pages about policies, chapters, groups; strategic development; grants...)

2014-08-22 16:15 GMT+02:00 Guillaume Paumier <gpaumier@wikimedia.org>:

The latest tech newsletter is ready for early translation:

I'm planning to send the newsletter on Monday morning (UTC), as usual.
The existing translations will be posted on the wikis in that

This week's issue is very short because I've moved some of the
non-urgent items to next week, so that people learn about them when
they can actually see the changes and test the new features. It's so
short that it took me only 5 minutes to do the French translation :)

I may make a few edits tomorrow (and remove empty sections), but the
content should generally remain fairly stable. I'll let you know
tomorrow in any case.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. As
always, I appreciate your help and feedback.


Guillaume Paumier

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