What is dishonest is using words like "dishonnest" agains me.

I did not accuse you with such bird names before you did here publicly.

I've just used my own right to reply with my opinion because you have (over)used your own right to ive your own by asking others to boycott becaise explaining what was wrong, and by shortcutting onagoinf discussions that you don't want to point to in your call.

Yes what you are posting is an order because you don't provide links to your statements, and don't respect the NPOV.

I have already saif that I understood your feeling but I've saif this was the wrong method and that your boycott was just overreacting.

Reread yourself, you are asking others to stop performing some unrelated work in Wikimedia. Even if this is a formof protest, this is not the correct form when the protest does not come with a place for discussions. So yes you call is felt like an order, and even more because you have ad iertized it in multiple places with the same call to boycott in reactio nto somthing that you have expereienced yourself (and only you).

For others that could read this message, look at the RfC linked in News from the Home page of MetaWiki. This is enough. and this is is the papropriate place to discuss this issue (and you can't say you ignore it, given that you have posted there too). We don't need to read that in multiple mailing lists

And most translators are NOT concerned by the subject of your boycott (meaning that it is simply inappropriate).

2014-08-15 23:02 GMT+02:00 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <twkozlowski@gmail.com>:
On 15 August 2014 22:51, Philippe Verdy wrote:

> I perceive them as orders due to the tone used and the drama you claim.

Your perception is wrong. I have no authority, no right, and most
importantly, no intention to order anyone to do anything. Please do
not try to diminish my arguments by referring to them as "orders" —
it's intellectually dishonest and reflects badly on you.

> I've perfectly read your call, but I don't support it simply because it is
> too early and disproportionated compared to the effective change that
> occured caused by only one person in the WMF staff during holidays.

You will find yourself wrong here.  From what various Wikimedia
Foundation employees let slip, the decision was discussed internally
among the organization before that Gerrit patch was submitted, merged
and emergency deployed on Sunday.

And please excuse me for not responding to your accusation that I
"spam" people on Meta; it doesn't deserve a response, so there will be