Please help translate this week.  This message is about a change to MediaWiki software.  It changes the appearance of a few buttons.  It is not compatible with some outdated user scripts/gadgets.

This message will be sent to all Wikipedias except frwiki, eswiki, itwiki, plwiki, fawiki, jawiki and ruwiki on approximately Monday, July 10th. (These seven wikis have been notified separately and will see this change before then.) Later, the same message will also be sent to the non-Wikipedia wikis (with a different date in the penultimate sentence).

Direct translation link: 

Thank you.  Also, if any of you have concerns about how this may affect any scripts or gadgets that you use, then please feel free to follow the testing directions at the page.[1]


Sherry Snyder (WhatamIdoing)
Community Liaison, Wikimedia Foundation