The text also refer to an "Executive Director", so I looked if there was an "Executive Board" to make sure "Board" couldn't be ambiguous. As far as I found, there was an "Executive committee" now "considered disbanded".

So, am I right thinking that there is no other "board" or "committee" with which the term "Board" and its translations might create confusion?

Le 26/01/2017 à 12:22, Ilario Valdelli a écrit :
"Consiglio direttivo" for languages connected with the latin.

In this case the translation is not a simple translation of wording but has a legal value and replicates the organizational aspects.

"Consiglio direttivo" or "Conseil de direction" or "Consejo directivo" is the body that gives the strategies and the direction to the executive body.

This is the choise we did in Switzerland to translate it in Italian and in French.

Personally I would appreciate a lot to translate "Board of Trustee" with "Consiglio di fondazione", but "Consiglio direttivo" clarifies better the role (in several foundations the decisional aspects are in charge of an executive director and of his cabinet).

Kind regards

On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 3:08 PM, mathieu stumpf guntz <> wrote:

I'm working on this:

where "Board" is a recurring term.

I guess that it is referring to the board of trustees. Am I wrong?

If not, in the previous link, translations are rather parse in their meaning (as far as I can say):

  • Kuratorium
  • Consejo directivo
  • Zuzendaritza Batzordea
  • Comité des sages
  • Rada Powiernicza
  • Conselho Diretivo

I translated "trustees" it in Esperanto to "kuratoro" (you find the same roots in the German translation), and "board of trustees" as "kuratoraro" (group of "kuratoro"), but "board" alone as "estraro" (group of leader/boss/chief).

Any comment is welcome.

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